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Wispy Look Lash Extension Kit


The messy end adds dimension to the whole cluster, and the V-shaped clusters at the ends make your eyes look brighter and layered!!
High Quality: Our cluster lashes use the latest high-quality fiber materials, 100% handmade.
More Cost-effective: 144 clusters in one tray, you can pick whatever you like.
DIY Lashes: Matching according to your own preferences.
What will you get:
1) A large number of lash clusters. More cost-effective
2) Superior quality band and seal and tweezers.
3) Eyelash extensions of different lengths to meet various needs.
4) High quality material lash clusters, no skin damage, softer and more comfortable.
How to use lash clusters kit?:
1)Gently curl your eyelashes;
2)Apply lash bond on the band of lashes;
3)Slowly take lashes off from the bottom clip with the tweezer and place them to your natural lashes;
4)Use the seal to gently brush your eyelashes then wait for 10 seconds.
9)Enjoy your perfect day!

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