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  • Veleasha Eyelashes Set: You will get a perfect combination, including 5 pairs pack fake eyelashes, a single head of glue and a professional tweezer. Save money and easy, with the eyelashes set, you can quickly get a perfect eye makeup, make your eyes look more glamorous, shiny.

  • Clear Band Brown Lashes: 1.The eyelashes are clear band and more in line with our natural eyelashes. 2.Brown eyelashes are specially designed for light hair to make the lashes closer to your natural lashes and hair, look more like your own lashes, and bring a different effect to your makeup. 3.The shape of the eyelashes are cat eye and wispy, which can lengthen the tail of your eye, and they are made of high-quality materials and 100% handmade, which are more soft and comfortable.

  • Strong Adhesive Eyelash glue & Tweezer: Our glue is made of high quality materials, strong adhesive, waterproof and sweat resistant, to bring you lasting beauty. Our tweezers are specially designed for eyelash extensions with a tight head closure, allowing you to easily remove eyelashes and make your wearing process easier and faster.

  • Beginner friendly: Still selecting glue suitable for eyelashes? Our lashes kit brings you a perfect shopping experience! You just need to have it to match a perfect eye makeup, and it is very easy to use. You just need to apply glue to the base of the fake eyelashes, wait for a few seconds, and place it on top of your natural eyelashes to get a perfect effect.

  • Veleasha's Guarantee: We are committed to bringing high-quality eyelashes. So if you have any problem with the eyelashes you received, please don't worry, please feel free to contact us, and we have professional after-sales personnel to help you solve the problem.

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