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  • Cat Eye Lashes-Wispy cat eye lashes, wear natural effect, just the right amount of curl to add charm to your makeup, enlarge your eyes.

  • Excellent Quality-We are always upgrading our technology to make better quality eyelashes, our faux mink lashes are made of imported fiber. 100% handmade, cruelty-free, very light weight and will not burden your eyes.

  • Comfortable & Reusable-Our eyelashes are comfortable to wear, the clear band are super soft for your skin and no allergies. At the same time,the lashes is durable, under the premise of careful maintenance, it can be used about 7-15 times. Gently wipe with warm or soapy water when cleaning the product.

  • Suitable For Any Occasions-This lashes are suitable for all occasions such as everyday makeup, birthday parties, shooting occasion, proms and more. Our lashes can also be used as a gift for family and friends.

  • Guaranteed Purchase- We hope to bring you better lashes and high-quality after-sales service at the same time, so if you have any problem with the eyelashes you received, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with a satisfactory solution. We'd love to hear any suggestions you have.

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