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Warming Tips

  • Glue is not included

  • Veleasha lashes are 100% handmade, so there may be a little differences between each pair of eyelashes.

  • When you get the lashes,you may find that there may be glue on the band. Pls don't worry, it is used to hold the lashes in place and prevent them from being lost in transit. You can try to pull off the residual glue gently, will not affect the normal use.

DIY Clear Band Lashes

These eyelashes can be cut to match your eyes eyelashes according to your own preferences.

Softer, thinner and more seamless clear band that fit your eyes better, and these lashes are easy & fast to wear. Besides, these false eyelashes can match any color of eyeliner.


Every woman is eager to have a pair of charming eyes, which can bring you hope, love and confidence.

VELEASHA hope women all over the world can make themselves more confident with a pair of eyelashes.


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