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Wispy individual cluster eyelashes

  1. The thickness of each eyelash is uniform, easy to absorb glue, not easy to deform, and more durable than other cluster lashes.            

  2. These volume lashes are 0.1 thickness/D curl, perfect curvature is suitable for most people.    

  3. 3 rows/39 pcs a tray, high volume and the roots are distinct, please don't worry it will spread out.

How to apply?

  • Use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes, make them a little curly. And apply a layer of eyelash primer to shape them.

  • Use a tweezer to pick from the bottom of the lashes! (don't pick the rest of the lashes to prevent damage them)

  • Apply glue to the root of these individual lashes and wait a minute for the glue to become semi-dry.

  • Open your upper eyelid, stick the individual lashes to the root of your eyelashes, and use the back of the tweezer to gently adjust the angle of the eyelashes.

  • Look down, wait about a minute, let the glue dry completely, and blink to feel if it is okay.

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