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These lashes are NOT for everyone but if you love that long, dramatic look, THIS IS IT!!!

M01 25mm lashes                                    

Style-M01 ( High Volume & Fluffy )

M02 25mm lashes                                    

Style-M02 ( Wispy & Long )

M03 25mm lashes                                    

Style-M03 ( High Volume & Bomb )

M04 25mm lashes                                    

Style-M04 ( Wispy & Charming )

M05 25mm lashes                                    

Style-M05 ( Dramatic & Fluffy )


Why Choose Veleasha 25mm Lashes?

  • 4 Styles Lashes: There are 4 styles of eyelashes, suitable for you who are difficult to choose, and can be matched with a variety of makeup.

  • Dramatic Look: The 25mm eyelashes are made by hand with a beautiful curvature, which is very suitable for you who like dramatic makeup.

  • Easy To Apply And Remove: The eyelash band is tied with cotton thread, which is softer and lighter, flexible and not stiff. It can be bent into any arc and is easy to wear and remove.

  • High Quality: The eyelashes are made of more advanced materials than ordinary chemical fiber materials, which are more natural, the same as mink hair, and the effect of enlarging the eyes is better.

  • Your satisfaction,Our goal: We are very confident in our products, if you have any questions, please tell us in time.

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