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Why Choose Losha Lashes?
1) Handmade & High Quality
2) 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free
3) Wispy Fluttery & Fluffy Volume
4) Comfortable Flexible Cotton Band
5) Durable & Reusable & Lightweight
6)Suitable for any occasions or a great choice as a excellent gift

Style:Style1-Fluffy & Full Lashes

How to Apply Veleasha Eyelashes?

1.Remove the false eyelashes, and trim it to fit your eye length.

2.Use both hands to adjust the false eyelashes to fit your eye curve.

3.Add glue along the false eyelashes root with cotton bud.

4.Hold the eyelashes on the root of your natural lashes with pressure.

5.Close the eyes as appropriate and ensure a proper fit by blinking.

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