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  • Value Pack: 14 Pairs

  • Material: High Quality Fiber

  • Color: Black

  • Style: Wispy Glam,Fluffy,3d Effect Eyelashes

  • Especially Great for Eyeshapes: Large eyes, Almond - shaped eyes

  • Ideal for occasions: Performance, Daily use, Prom, Wedding,Holidays, Party, Evening out...


When volumizing mascara just doesn’t cut it, false eyelashes can go a long way in giving you that “extra oomph.” Whether you fancy going all-out glam or simply wish to amplify what you’ve already got, a pair of falsies can instantly help you step up your game and take it to a whole new level.


The fake eyelashes are 20mm lashes. These false lashes give instant allure with long length & rich, dense volume. Dramatize your eyes with dark loaded lashes for quite fullness. Turn ordinary eyes into gorgeous eyes.


All our falsies eyelashes are unique and handmade. These bold lashes are designed for unparalleled volume with our multi-curl process,giving perfect 3D fluffy effect and look convincingly natural. 100% cruelty free.


The fakes eyelashes are full, fluffy and fabulous, comfortable to wear and easy to apply or remove. The cotton band is soft, easy to bend, flexible, can curl the faux mink fake eyelashes and adjust the band to meet the curvature of your eyes. Durable lashes can be reused up to10+ times if they are kept in proper ways

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