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We all know, whether you are  working, going out, dating, partying, or on stage, eyelashes are the  secret we apon that lets you outshines in an instant moment.

With many years of experience  producing and selling lashes, Veleasha committed to providing high  quality eyelash products for young fashion-forward women around the  globe.

Our belief: Be yourself in the best possible way.



Natural Eyelashes

The fake eyelashes are 15-18mm lashes. These false lashes give instant  allure with medium length & rich, dense volume. Dramatize your eyes  with dark loaded lashes for quite fullness. Turn ordinary eyes into  gorgeous eyes.  


Easy to Use & Reusable

These lashes are suitable for everyone. If you are a beginner, don't worry. The thickness of these lash bands is moderate, so it is easy for you to apply the glue and use them directly. What's more, each of them can be reused 8-18 times under careful protection and cleaning. 


Multi-Layered Effect

Multi-layered lashes with tapered tips can blend naturally with your lashes for an enhanced 3D effect and keep the fantastic curl all the time.Multi-dimensional lashes that offer maximum lash attraction. 

Suitable for various scenes

These eyelash are suitable for a variety of scenes, whether it is  attending a wedding, shopping with friends, daily work or attending a  date, it will increase your charm invisibly, give you confidence         







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